Monday, June 25, 2018

Paint-pouring on canvas

Last Friday may go down in history as the messiest day of class at Carriage House Arts and Crafts. This group of kids was so terrific that I decided to break out the acrylic paints, which the kids stirred and diluted and then they did some really fun paint-pouring on canvas.


For the last day of camp last week, I caved. I finally let the kids convince me to make slime. We made a simple translucent glitter slime, and I must admit the process was pretty fun. 

Cubist head sculptures

The art of Pablo Picasso inspired these cubist face sculptures that the kids made in art camp this week.

The cutest candlemakers.

The cutest candlemakers. The kids love mixing craft with art, and in the summer camps that I hold here at Carriage House Arts and Crafts, we have time for both.

Esprit de camp!

Esprit de camp! The kids love taking lunch breaks in our nearby park.

Kids collage, inspired by contemporary art

Not only did the kids have fun with the collage project inspired by the work of Laura Blythman, but it is an amazing way to use up small scraps of painted paper! They had so much fun making the larger ones they used the last 20 minutes of class to make ornament-size collages, too.

Sonia Delaunay inspires

Sonia Delaunay inspires the kids, who make these gorgeous abstract paintings on canvas board.